“After my (body-sculpting) surgery, I learned more about recovery from anesthesia and surgery from Carolyn A. Witt, LMT than I did from my doctor or any of the other medical professionals who treated me. Her knowledge and techniques (manual lymphatic drainage and scar tissues immobilization) got me back to feeling like myself again in no time with minimal scarring. Carolyn also gave me lots of tips and instructions for aftercare that have helped me immensely.”

Katie Z., Kings Beach, CA
"After a severe accident, a 1000 ft fall, a badly dislocated knee, lots of damage to most of my ligaments and tendons, cartilage damage and several big surgeries, I reached out to Carolyn for her expertise with manual lymphatic drainage therapy (MLD). She was empathetic, professional, efficient, and gifted.
I am grateful for her gentle attention to supporting healing, circulation and whole-body health. As I became stronger, she would use different styles of deep massage and MLD in the same session. She has been a valuable member of my healing team and I recommend her highly."

Flora L. Todt, Carson City, NV
“Carolyn, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the most amazing massage! I have been getting massages on a somewhat regular basis for the past 30+ yrs, and must say that your massage was the best ever! I very much appreciated the approach you took in working on sensitive areas, always checking with me to make sure I was comfortable with the pressure, oils used, environment, etc. The entire experience was so relaxing and rejuvenating, I cannot thank you enough. My lower back hasn’t felt this good in many years! It is obvious that you are very intuitive and experienced in working with the human body. For certain – the most wonderful deep tissue massage on the planet! Thank you again for the wonderful experience and for sharing your gift with the world! You truly are amazing!”

Michele Dardis, Reno, NV
“After almost two years of having a stiff sore shoulder that wouldn’t fix, no matter how good I was. One massage from you and I have NO problems... Even the flexibility is coming back (slow process from two years of no improvement) and there is no pain ever, not during volleyball, not during strength training, and not during stretching..... I cannot tell you THANK YOU enough!!!!! THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!!”

Paul Hughes, Carson City, NV
“I just received my first massage from Carolyn. I've been getting massages regularly for the last 15 years, and Carolyn is the best massage therapist I've ever been to. She knew exactly where all my tough spots were and exactly how to loosen them up and relieve me of some chronic pain. I highly recommend Carolyn if you're looking for a therapist who is above and beyond.”

Bill Tsukeia, Fresno, CA
"Carolyn's massage was enlightening. I felt like I went around the world."

Donna Lodato, Interlaken, NJ
"Without a doubt this was absolutely the best massage experience ever. Carolyn's knowledge and experience provided me with a pleasurable and relaxing massage."