After plastic surgery, due to the disruption of lymphatic and fat cells, tissues can produce excessive water-retention (edema), bruising, fibrosis, and scar tissue build-up. With a series of manual lymphatic drainage sessions these risks are reduced to varying degrees. During your session the skin and underlying tissue, which houses the blood lymphatic vessels, is gently manipulated increasing circulation, decreasing edema, and to promote healing. As the parasympathetic nervous system is also found at the same level under the skin, the patient may experience a decrease pain and an increase in relaxation, both which aid the body in dealing with the physical and emotional trauma of surgery.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy is gentle, making it relaxing and comfortable even shortly after surgery. Many surgeons highly advise their patients to seek this therapy to aid in healing and provide a better overall experience.

Plastic Surgery Recovery$150 - 60 mins.
$185 – 75 mins.

Single Session: Specialized session to aid in optimal results following plastic surgery procedures. The session includes Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, working with drainage tubes after surgery, scar tissue immobilization as appropriate, and more. Use this for booking purposes for pre-purchased packages, discount will be applied at check-out.


Packages available upon request.


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